Republic day speech in English | 26 January 2022 short speech in English | Republic Day Speech

Republic day speech in English, Republic Day 2022 short speech in 150 words, 26 January 2022 speech in English.

Respected principal teacher and my dear friend

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to speak on republic Day.
Today we have gathered together to celebrate the 73rd republic Day of our country today and this is an auspicious for everyone and I am very happy about it!
We should congratulate each other for our hard work and the great things we have done for this country in India we celebrate republic day every year because the constitution of India come into force on this date.
We are celebrating republic Day of India since the constitution came into force in 1950 because it was redfield by all provinces and states on 26 January in that year and became reality for us.
The supreme Power of the people living in a country is called republic. Only the people have this right to choose their representatives as political leaders to lead their country in the right direction. Therefore India is a republic country where the people choose their leader as the prime minister.
Our heroes in India fought for freedom and that is why we enjoy freedom today. They sacrificed their lives to give us our present day country.
India is a democratic country where the people choose their leader to them. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first president of India. Ever since we got independence from British rules in 1947 your country has developed a lot and is counted among the most powerful countries.
And now I am going to end my speech with this words. Thank you so much for listening.
Jay Hind Jay Bharat
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