introduction and meaning of blog | Blog meaning in English

A business blog is a blog of published informal online article that are either included in a company internal communication system or posted on the internet for the public to read.

A business blog may aslo be referred to as a corporate blog or corporate web blog.

Table of Contents

Features of blog 

  1. Flexible 
  2. Easily and frequently updated 
  3. Customised to match companies website
  4. Optimised with your keywords 
  5. Freefrom writing is expectable and encouraged.
  6. Unique because many other businesses and blogging yet.
Blog advantages
Reaching new customers :- Using a blog is a key element of an online marketing and promotion initiative it gives a chance to reach New customers and to present a new business face to your exiting customers.
Developing Brand or personality :- The personal nature of blogging and the ability to generate online conversation and interactions allow a business to develop and project a personality or spacific traits such as being innovative or focused on customer service.
Connect with partners :- Blogging allows to connect and team up with influencers and leaders who can be instrumental is building your business.

Writing a blog

Planning :- Plan blog post by choicing a topic creating an outline conducting research and checking facts.
Headline :- Craft a headline that is both informative and will capture readers attentions.
Writing post :- Write post either writing a draft in a single session or gradually word on parts of it.
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