English Language Day 2022: History, Significance and Inspirational Quotes


English language day in April 23 Marks the UN English language day.
UN English language history and significance
In 2010 the department of global communications decided to observe 23 as english language day together with other day celebrated for each for the un 6 official language namely english, arabic, chinese, french, spanish and russian.
The main objective of this day is to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity and facilitate equal use of all 6 language throughout the organisation as well.
An interesting fact that needs to be noted is that 1500 years ago only three tribes spoke English whereas now it is spoken by around 2 billion people about 75 countries have given official status to this language.
UN English day quotes and messages
Happy English language day may you come across poems and stories to celebrate this wonderful language.
The day is to celebrate language that has helped everyone communicate in a common way Happy English language day to you.
Happy English language Day to all the students out there in schools.
When you celebrate language it’s a new way to teach others that particular language. Happy English language day.
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