bus stand school project in English

Municipality or municipal corporation of every City makes arrangement of transport for the convenience of the people. In this the number of buses in decided depending upon the expense of that city and the population of the city. The management of the entire transport system is done separately. In this the basic amenities of the citizens are considered. 

Bus stops are available at different places for the convenience of the people. Several bus stops meant for different destinations are available at the main bus stand. On this bus stand the cleanliness of bases and general cleanliness of the bus stand is taken care of. The boards of destination are displayed on the buses here. In the bus there is sitting arrangement for maximum number of passenger as well as specifically earmarked space for them to stand. The bus has two doors and many windows passengers enter in the bus through on door and get down through the other. There are staircases in the bus so that passengers can easily enter in or alight from the bus easily. Every bus has a driver. A separate space is provided to the drivers so that he can drive the bus safely and carefully. Apart from the driver there is conductor in the bus who issues tickets to the passengers for the desired destinations. There are several bus stops on the route of the bus. When the conductor rings the bell the driver stop the bus on the bus stop and the bus is not moved further by the driver until the bell is rang again by times we used to hide your assets money etc in tin containers or earthen pots in your house. But with the increase in population and unemployment due to lake of industries thefts and robberies also increased. There was no guarantee that our asset will be safe in the house.
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